What’s in a shot?

Seems like a lot

Freedom to choose

A life to lose

A nurse to bear

The brunt unfair

Risking life and limb

For her or him

Doctors take an oath

To care for both

Vaccine’d or not

They give their best shot

Years of research and testing

With science investing

Ensure it’s safe

Your arm to embrace

When the race was on

We all wanted one

A vaccine to kill

The virus at will

But now it’s here

It’s very clear

That some don’t care

What’s spread by air

And to wear a mask

Is too much to ask

For people who scare

Too badly to care

Who is infected

So go undetected

In public places

With unknown faces

But with unhappy divide

We all must abide

And not get sad

With what we deem bad

We’re in this together

No matter the weather

Accept your neighbor

Whatever their flavor.

Val Gee

Oak Park

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