A record number of 93,000 Americans died from overdose in 2020. That startling number is up a whopping 29% from 2019. That is why this year, National Overdose Prevention Day is ever more important. On Aug. 31, the Way Back Inn partnered with the Oak Park Opioid Task Force and the Westside Heroin Task Force along with RALI Illinois to host a candlelight vigil to honor the lives of those lost to drug overdose.

We were excited to be able to provide a space where people can connect over shared experiences and work to educate our communities on the warning signs on drug abuse. Our event will took place in the afternoon at Scoville Park.

Education and community are the two key tenets of addiction recovery. Here at the Way Back Inn, we create a personalized healing environment that promotes the restoration of personal relationships. We strive to be a resource in the community for addiction recovery support and education.

The Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative (RALI) of Illinois is one of our key partner organizations that help to educate our local community on drug misuse warning signs and the tools available to support those in need. Together, we work to address the opioid crisis here in Illinois by providing meaningful solutions to preventing and treating addiction.

Take the time this year for National Overdose Prevention Day to check in on your loved ones and see what you can do to help stop the opioid crisis. Visit www.RALI-IL.org for more information on safe medicine use and disposal. If you are concerned about yourself or a loved one, the Way Back Inn and RALI Illinois are here to help.

Anita Pindiur


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