Lisa Shelley

Deputy Village Manager Lisa Shelley is in line to become the interim village manager following the imminent departure of Cara Pavlicek, who is leaving to serve as the village manager of Northbrook.

“With over 20 years of experience, she is positioned well for moving our director heads forward,” Village President Vicki Scaman said of Shelley, who was not immediately available for comment.

The village board was expected to vote to appoint Shelley at its July 6 meeting, after Wednesday Journal’s print deadline. The meeting was not held Monday per the usual as the village was closed in observance of Independence Day. 

Shelley’s history working as a member of the village staff dates back to 1998, when she was hired as the assistant to the public works director. Two years later, she was promoted to assistant to the village manager. She’s served in her current position of deputy village manager since 2003. 

As deputy village manager, Shelley has already been working closely with the village board, assisting them in clarifying their goals. That, coupled with her long history at village hall, made Shelley a prime candidate for interim village manager in the board’s eyes, according to the village president.

“She’s an obvious choice, as far as we’re concerned,” said Scaman, who expects each village board member will vote in favor of appointing Shelley.

Scaman does not anticipate any members of staff having any concerns in appointing Shelley, believing village personnel have a great respect for their colleague.

Pavlicek’s last day as village manager of Oak Park is Aug. 19. If appointed July 6, Shelley will continue in her role as deputy village manager until Pavlicek’s exit. Shelley expressed interest in becoming interim village manager, according to Scaman. Pavlicek did not present Shelley or any other member of staff to the village board as a possible interim replacement. 

“She responded to questions related to Lisa, as a member of our personnel, but she did not recommend any individual directly,” said Scaman.

Identifying a temporary replacement for Pavlicek took place in executive session, where terms of the position were worked out. The resolution to appoint Shelley states that, should she become interim village manager, she would receive a salary of  $195,425 on a pro rata basis beginning Aug. 20. 

“Ms. Shelley shall maintain all of her current benefits as Deputy Village Manager while serving as Interim Village Manager,” the resolution dictates.

The resolution also allows Shelley to revert to her previous position as deputy village manager after the conclusion of her service as interim village manager and allows her to rollover any unused vacation time. If appointed, Shelley will determine who will take over her responsibilities as deputy. 

Scaman told Wednesday Journal that Shelley would accept the position if appointed but did not know whether Shelley intended to submit herself for consideration as Pavlicek’s full-time replacement.

“I would hope that that she would apply for the job on a permanent basis,” said the village president.

While Scaman called Shelley’s qualifications “stellar” and said looks forward to working with her, the village board will hold Shelley to the same standard of accountability as any other village manager.

“I have expressed very clearly to Lisa Shelley the expectations of our board of improved collaboration, communication and transparency,” said Scaman. “Just as we would be holding any village manager accountable to meet those expectations, any interim village manager would still be held accountable for meeting those expectations.”

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