Three people are in the custody of Oak Park police after a shooting occurred at an Airbnb rental property located at 642 S. Lombard Ave. at 2:53 a.m., May 23. One person received a non-life-threatening injury during the altercation, but it is unclear if the person was shot, according to Commander William Rygh.

“The injury may have occurred as someone was trying to seek shelter to avoid being struck by a bullet,” said Rygh.

Kevin Radzinski, who lives four houses down, told Wednesday Journal he was awoken by the gunfire and went outside to see what caused the racket. He said he saw at least three cars flee from the area and about 15 to 20 people disperse. The event looked like it could have been a graduation party, according to Radzinksi.

“They all looked like high school kids to me,” he said.

Radzinksi said the experience felt like something out of a movie. He managed to capture some of what happened on video before his reverie was broken by his daughter screaming at him to get back inside the house.

“She yanked me back inside and locked the doors,” said Radzinski. 

Radzinski and his family continued to observe the situation, sneaking glances out of the windows they were hiding beneath. Radzinksi later posted his footage from the night on Facebook.

Police received three calls reporting the shooting and arrived at the location shortly after. 

“We were pretty much on scene almost immediately,” said Rygh. Oak Park’s police station is one block north of the incident.

Fear did not set in for Radzinski until the day after the shooting.

“The adrenaline wore off,” he said. “Then I just broke down.”

Radzinski believes three firearms were discharged during the incident, as he overheard police say there were three different types of shell casings on the street. 

“In the morning, they said that they have people in custody, and they recovered two guns,” Radzinski said.

He told Wednesday Journal he saw police tag 22 shell casings up and down the neighborhood. 

As the incident is still under investigation, the police department would not state whether either the victim or the three people in custody were the renters of the Airbnb. No charges have been filed yet.

Rygh told Wednesday Journal this shooting is unrelated to the one that occurred on the Austin Boulevard ramp off the Eisenhower Expressway at 12:07 a.m., May 22, which is being handled by the Illinois State Police. 

The proximity of the police station to the Airbnb led Radzinski to believe that the people involved in the incident were not local. He said people on social media are already pinning the blame on teenagers from the neighboring community of Austin, which he believes unfair.

“People need to know that the local people in Austin are good people,” Radzinksi said. “They’re working their [expletive] off to get this stuff out of their neighborhood.”

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