I just read your piece on the Maze Library [Maze: A storybook place to dream, Ken Trainor, Viewpoints, April 21]. Yes, it is such a little gem. When I moved to Oak Park in 1995, I had just gotten divorced, was trying to figure out what my new life would be like, but had a brother who lived in Oak Park and a best friend in River Forest. When I landed in an apartment on East Avenue just south of Rehm Park, I went to the Maze one evening and I don’t know if I started crying but I remember feeling that the world was again full of possibility. That fireplace. Those chairs! The comfortable, easy atmosphere of readers and meanderers and parents with kids — it was heavenly. Indeed, that and the Conservatory down the street, and Rehm Park where Byron swam most of his boyhood were the  centerpieces of my life for quite a while. You hit the nail right on the head. Thank you for that story! 

Diane Scott, Oak Park

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