Oak Park possesses a wealth of human capital in the form of individuals dedicated to doing the necessary and hard work for this community. Dr. Margaret “Margie” Trybus is one such individual. Because of her record of civic engagements and demonstrable accomplishments for the citizens of this community, I am supporting her for Oak Park Township Trustee.

A 40-year resident of Oak Park, Margie is a professor of graduate studies at Concordia University Chicago. She served on the Township Youth Committee (of which I am a member) for eight years. During that time, she provided leadership on funding and program development in mentoring, drug and alcohol abuse, and multi-literacies for youth. She helped develop a partnership between Concordia, District 97, and Fellowship Community Services to create a summer literacy program for those students having difficulties transitioning from middle school to high school, who needed support to find creative ways through mentoring to develop a positive self-image while reading and inspiring them to go to college.

She has led discussions on program evaluation for effectiveness in meeting goals and showing evidence of results. She has supported and discussed youth prevention substance abuse programming, job readiness skill-building, and the expansion of services including the Positive Youth Development Initiative, Youth Interventionists work, Friday Night Place, and “Girls on the Rise,” which focuses on helping girls improve self-esteem through the development of leadership skills. She currently serves on the Community Mental Health Board, working on a vision of how to unite township services. This is an integrated service delivery model that can look at the needs of the “whole child,” and the “whole family” where it is reasonable to assume the pandemic has raised issues the Township can and should address.

Margie leads with her head and with her heart. She has a passion for reaching out to youth and their families, and with her experience and dedication to Oak Park is a proven asset to township services.

George Bailey, Oak Park

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