Our neighbor, Margaret Trybus, is running for re-election as Oak Park Township Trustee. We will vote for her again — because of her experience, integrity and commitment to equity and social justice.

Margie, an educator by profession, has lived in Oak Park for over 40 years, and in that time has not only served as township trustee but also has a long record of volunteer work on behalf of seniors, youth and mental health services. She worked with the Township Youth Committee for eight years, has advocated for senior services, including transportation, a lunch program, and the Memory Café, and served on the Community Mental Health Board. She is a promoter of increased collaboration between the township and other governing bodies, including the village and school districts. She is a tireless worker for equitable access to township services.

We are confident that Margie Trybus will continue to be a great advocate for the best use of tax dollars on behalf of those needing social services in our community. We hope you join us in supporting her continuation as township trustee.

Lynn Weiner & Tom Moher, Oak Park

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