As the director of Performance and Mental Health for an NBA team, part of my job is to identify and foster leadership qualities and resilience in the people I work with. After knowing Juanta Griffin for a few years now, I recognize that she has these qualities in abundance and am confident that the village of Oak Park would benefit greatly from having her at the board table as trustee. For that reason, I am writing this letter in enthusiastic support.

Juanta and I met two years ago when she put out a community-wide call to raise funds for a local organization for people experiencing homelessness. My twins were 6 years old at the time and when they heard about the cause, they jumped at the chance to help. Two years later, I now realize that meeting her through this community-unifying effort for a worthy cause, was just one of a hundred things she accomplished each and every week to be of service to Oak Park and to spread support, love, and kindness. 

Throughout my friendship with Juanta, we have connected over the roller coaster of exhaustion and elation we both feel as mothers. And we have collaborated on various community events which she led brilliantly and passionately — my favorite event being Tea Time for young African-American girls in our community to educate, empower and give a sense of community belonging to these young ladies — and my own daughter is testament that this event succeeded. 

The demonstrated leadership qualities and commitment to community that she exhibits day after day is why I am voting for Juanta Griffin for Oak Park Village Trustee and I hope you will join me in supporting her.

Wendy Borlabi, Oak Park

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