As a 47-year resident of River Forest and former village board trustee, I wholeheartedly support both Mike Grant and Carl Bade for positions on the River Forest Park District Board. They have promised to bring inclusiveness and fair-mindedness back to the board, something that has been lacking for the last couple of years. 

Their first action will be to advocate a new five-year comprehensive plan for the park district that represents all residents and their respective interest in the various programs. To do this, they will conduct a complete review of the 2020 Community Survey; reach out to youth sport groups and special interest groups; have meaningful discussions with park district staff and research trends.

The current plan to expend significant funds to expand the paddle ball facilities will take up more of the limited land available at Keystone Park. The associated costs of this expansion, including past and proposed expenditures, will easily reach $2 million. To be sure, those residents interested in paddle ball deserve the ability to enjoy their activities. However, no one activity, especially one that does not encompass the majority of program users, should be allowed to appropriate a disproportionate share of the park district budget.

Regardless of who you support, I encourage everyone to exercise their right to vote.

Russ Nummer, River Forest

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