I am writing to encourage Oak Park residents to elect Valerie Lester to our Township Board of Trustees. Once I became involved in the Township Senior Services Program as a part of its Caregiver Support Group, I quickly learned of the extensive range of programs available to my late wife Charlotte and me. Through this, I became aware of the very deep involvement of Valerie Lester as a volunteer in a number of the Senior Services programs, as well as on the Senior Services Committee itself. I also learned of her volunteer services to the Oak Park Regional Housing Center, which I would consider to be one of the primary organizations that contribute to our excellent reputation as a desirable place to live.

As a 42-year resident of Oak Park, it is my opinion that Oak Park Township is among the most efficient of the many taxing bodies that serve us, and arguably has delivered the greatest per dollar value among them. I believe that the election of Valerie Lester to the township board will result in a strong continuation of the excellent work that has been produced over the past few decades, and that she will be a definite asset in helping voters to be aware of and appreciate the role that our township continues to play.

Ralph Lee, Oak Park

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