Village hall can be a confusing place, even in non-pandemic times. The Village Clerk’s Office has traditionally been the “face of village government” to those who come seeking information or assistance. The clerk has provided first contact and direction.

Christina Waters is superbly prepared to assume the duties of village clerk. With nearly four years of service as a village employee and most recently as deputy clerk, Christina knows about village services and who handles what duties. She has already “served an internship” as deputy and is ready to assume the clerk’s duties. 

Another important skill as clerk is to truly enjoy making people feel welcome. In our conversations I have been impressed by the joy she feels in being able to help people who come to village hall. She uses active listening, empathy, healing, awareness, foresight and stewardship in her decision-making process. 

The relationships she has built over her time in government with the board, staff and residents are a real advantage. As clerk she will be responsible for providing access to information (the FOIA process) and maintaining village records, hosting early voting and other election services, such as voter registration and candidate petition filing, as well as participating as clerk at all village board meetings. 

She will also coordinate the engagement of volunteers for open positions on village advisory boards to assure greater diversity in the composition of these commissions. I was intrigued to hear more about her work with the Aging in Place Commission that helps residents remain in their home or community as they get older. 

She is also deeply committed to equity for all residents. She wants to allow those who may need extra help to access services and those whose voices have been overlooked to engage with their government. She is committed to ensuring there are no barriers to access for all digital content of our village government. I am proud to endorse Christina Waters as the next Village Clerk of Oak Park.  

Teresa Powell, Former village clerk

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