This year more than ever, Oak Parkers must carefully consider whom they elect to the D200 school board. I will be casting my votes for those candidates who have proven both their commitment and ability to address the diversity, equity, and inclusion work so very important to supporting our youth of color. Among those I vote for will be Fred Arkin. 

For 10 years, I have known Fred first as a dedicated wrestling coach to my older son, next as a mentor to both of my biracial sons, as well as numerous other youth, and finally as a friend. He has spent his entire adult life as a dedicated servant to our youth and community. During his previous tenure on the board, he established his unconditional commitment to the hard and humble work demanded of this role to effect sustainable change that benefits all of our youth. He would again be a valued member of the board. Fred has my vote and he should have yours too.

Sally Lemke, Oak Park

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