Earlier this week, the OPRF High School superintendent sent out an email announcing, “Summer School 2021 will be 100% remote due to construction.”

It is shocking that the superintendent would make a decision to continue remote learning this summer for students who may have not learned anything during the pandemic. Some students, especially those with IEPs, are struggling to learn under the constraints of remote learning. It is irresponsible for the OPRF management and leadership to not find a way to provide in-person education for students needing to repeat classes they failed during the lockdown. 

Phasing the planned construction to allow for on-site instruction, or finding an alternate location where in-person educational instruction can take place is absolutely necessary. I call on school board members and the superintendent to make immediate plans to provide for on-site instruction. 

All teachers should have had the opportunity to receive vaccination protection by this summer. Let’s not short-change our students needing help catching up by continuing remote learning when it has already failed many of them. 

If construction needs to be delayed another year, so be it, but don’t assume remote learning is the easy out. Step up and find a way to reach these students needing help catching up. If we need to host summer school at an alternate public school, so be it. Find a solution that serves the needs of the students!

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