I agree with your editorial and Ms. Scaman’s vote to keep Anthony Clark on the ballot.

When one “throws their hat in the ring” and chooses to run for elected office, their personal lives, how they pay, or don’t pay their bills, if they smile, wave or say hello to a passing stranger on a sidewalk, anything and everything may come under scrutiny.

To be fair, and legal, everyone must follow the established rules of “the game.”

But lives do indeed get complicated.

I smell hypocrisy, Mayor Abu-Taleb. “Gaming” the system was reported in your pre-term life. You came “clean” with your tax issues before that election, but was that belated honesty or strategy? Did you say everyone does it or so you were told? Was there “pay to play”? Did your contributions to Rod Blagojevich help you gain clemency?

Why anyone chooses to run for public office boggles the minds of many. Folks run for a variety of reasons. Ego? Business opportunities? Fame? Fortune? Improving the lives of neighbors or country? Getting a better parking space? Inspired by their children, grandchildren or a parent who was never allowed to vote?

Reasons vary but those who “step up to the plate” and run for office should be admired. Scrutinized. Examined. Questioned as well.

Mr. Peppard’s objections are highly suspicious, but as a citizen he has exercised his rights. Our mayor was duly elected so he earned his seat on the Electoral Board, but seriously?

It’s a good thing that Anthony Clark was put back on the ballot.

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