Sedrick, fifteen, came to BUILD in elementary school, already angry, quiet, and unwilling to talk about traumas in his past. Now in high school, he has transformed into a thoughtful young man who seeks avenues of growth and uses the mistakes of his past as examples to help him make better choices.

His phenomenal growth evolved from the support of his dedicated BUILD mentor, his own determination, and a lot of fun, too! “Sedrick is now giving himself opportunities to learn from his challenges and his youth,” notes Jeremy Mercado, Sedrick’s mentor, and Career Readiness Coordinator at BUILD.

In the beginning, Sedrick signed up for activities: playing basketball, softball, and working in the garden. Eventually, to everyone’s surprise he got involved with BUILD Radio, where a microphone helped him find his voice! He continues to engage in My Brother’s Keeper and other BUILD programs including Strong Bodies, Iris Garden’s Summer Program and more.

Now, Sedrick is one of BUILD’s best advocates! Famous for his laugh and his spotless Air Jordans, he’s training to be an Apprentice Mentor and recruits other young people to BUILD – most recently, his own little brother Philip, twelve.

Sedrick’s mentor Jeremy couldn’t be prouder. “Sedrick’s willing to grow from anything life brings him now, big or small,” he says. “His future is going to shine bright.”

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