Staff at the IWS Children's Clinic

Our stake in childhood health has spanned more than a century. As advocates for children before the 1918 Spanish Flu to the present time with COVID-19, the OPRF Infant Welfare Society has never stopped caring or growing to meet the healthcare needs of at-risk children.  

Together with generous community support we rallied through the lockdown and endured a dental clinic closure in March, April, and May. We’ve continuously administered critical vaccines, conducted sick and well child visits, held behavioral health interventions, and made referrals to other helping agencies and, since late May, provided our full complement of dental services. IWS Circle members have sewn hundreds of masks, created a pandemic-friendly book program for patients, gifted grocery gift cards and winter outerwear to help meet the immediate needs of those we serve.

For 3,400 children and their families, we are their healthcare safety net. We are their primary care team supporting their child’s whole health, and we are helping them establish healthy routines for a lifetime. These routines are what children need to thrive in normal times and are needed now more than ever.

While we are all impacted by this health crisis, for children who already face socio-economic and health inequities, COVID-19 could have lasting effects. We are asking difficult questions and helping families find answers, so that the children in our care can grow-up healthier, stronger and more resilient.

If you know someone who could benefit from our services, wish to learn more or to support, please visit

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