Since our inception a decade ago, the Celebrating Seniors Coalition has dispelled outdated and inaccurate myths about what it is to be an older adult.

These friends and neighbors are active, engaged and accomplished men and women who continue to play key roles in the life of our community.

At the same time, the Coalition has raised funds to help meet the basic needs of daily living for dozens of elders. Consider this partial sampling from 2020 alone:

We helped a man whose only means of transportation, a tricycle, was vandalized. He did not have the funds to fix the damage, and we covered it through the service of a local bicycle shop.

A woman needed a special piece of equipment to help her move about since her vision was limited. By providing what she needed, the Coalition helped her regain her independence.

A woman whose apartment was invaded by a stranger who slept on her sofa. The incident left her uncomfortable using the furniture, and we replaced the couch.

We arranged with a longtime coalition supporter, Al-Mart Furniture, to provide a steeply discounted mattress, frame and bedding that provided extra support for a man suffering from deteriorating back, spine and leg problems.

There are plenty of ways to participate in Celebrating Seniors—whether you would like to be an event sponsor, offer a donation, volunteer your time, nominate someone for recognition, or connect in some other way. Learn more at our updated website:

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