Sisters Lynn White, Sandra Figatner, and Donna Greenwald show off a picture of their parents in their Berwyn candy shop.

Make an appointment with your dentist. No matter if you are craving cookies, cake or ice cream, there are options abounding to satiate a sweet tooth in Berwyn. We explored every corner of the city and found a super selection of delightful treats. Read on to learn about our sugary discoveries!

Old Fashioned Candies

Sisters Lynn White, Sandra Figatner and Donna Greenwald are carrying on their parents’ legacy at Old Fashioned Candies, 6210 Cermak Rd. Established in 1969 by George and Theresa Brunslik, their daughters now keep the 50-year old business going strong. Assorted nut clusters, cordials and cream filled candies await at the shop that is also part museum — Old Fashioned Candies has their original cash register on display — it maxes out at a sale of $3.99.

Cake Bros Bakery

Looking for a sweet start to your day? Pop by Cake Bros Bakery, 6737 W. 26th St., for a traditional Mexican pan dulce known as a concha. While the panadería is known for elaborate custom cakes, the Berwyn bakery crafts the bread named for its similarity to a seashell in appearance and customarily enjoyed with hot chocolate or coffee at breakfast time.

Pierre’s Bakery

For 17 years Pierre’s Bakery has been serving up a fusion of French and Mexican sweets at 6310 Cermak Rd.  Flaky croissants, colorful custom cakes and vanilla flan attract guests, but customers clamor for Pierre’s tres leche cake. The widely popular white cake is soaked in three milks — evaporated milk, condensed milk and heavy cream — giving each slice its signature texture.

Neveria Naranja Dulce

Visit Neveria Naranja Dulce, 6252 Ogden Ave., for an authentic Mexican ice cream shop experience in Berwyn. Co-owner Angelica Chavez and her family traveled back to Jalisco to perfect their artisan ice cream making techniques.  The sweet side of the menu features fruit-forward paletas (popsicles) and classic favorites like hot chocolate ice cream made from Abuelita chocolate.

Adventurous sorbet lovers should check out a mangonada. This sweet and sour dessert treat is made from mango sorbet, Tajín, and piquant chamoy. Fresh mango and a tamarind coated straw finish this memorable Berwyn dessert.


Vesecky’s Bakery, 6634 W. Cermak Rd., is more than 100 years old. Today, fourth generation bakers work to keep their family’s Czech and Bohemian baked goods flying out the door of their Cermak Avenue shop. The Berwyn bakery is known for peddling cider donuts, sweet rolls, filled pastries, butter cookies, sweetheart coffee cakes, kolacky and customizable Kolac. While the shop offers a variety of items every day, traditionalists often venture out for a loaf of Czech Houska—a sweet bread egg studded with raisins.

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