Enthusiasts and curious shoppers alike have a new place to procure CBD products in Oak Park. Your CBD Store, 139 S. Oak Park Ave., is a minority-owned shop, opened by four friends, which sells a variety of high-quality products all containing Cannabidiol, more commonly referred to as CBD. 

“We’re excited to be in Oak Park and excited to be open,” said co-owner Michele D. Skryd.

Not to be confused with a cannabis dispensary, Your CBD Store carries topical and edible CBD products. CBD is a compound extracted from hemp that has widely touted relaxation benefits. Fans of CBD use products containing the compound to relieve such conditions as pain, insomnia and anxiety. 

“It contributes to feelings of well-being, feelings of calm,” said Skryd.

Family pets can also partake in the calming effects as Your CBD Store carries CBD products for cats and dogs, in addition to its array of products made for human use. According to Skryd, CBD produces similar effects on animals as it does on people.

“It calms them and reduces their stress and anxiety,” said Skryd.

Although certain cannabis strains contain it, CBD itself is non-intoxicating and does not produce a “high” in those who use it. All of the products the store carries are made in the United States and do not require a prescription.

CBD can also be used as an additive to alcoholic beverages, a growing trend in the United States. Skryd has been researching CBD-infused cocktails, researching how the natural flavors of CBD oil complement certain types of alcohol.

“The more earthy flavors go with gin and the sweeter flavors go with vodka,” said Skryd.

COVID-19 permitting, the store may host seminars teaching people how to mix alcohol and CBD oils to add a new twist to happy-hour concoctions. 

For those looking to learn more about CBD in general, the store’s leadership intends to host intimate events. 

“We’re going to probably, slowly do different introductions and overviews to CBD and CBD topics and how you can use them,” Skryd said.

There is no limit to the creative ways CBD can be used, according to Skryd.

“You can cook with it; you can put it in your cocktails, or you can just drop it on your body. It’s endless.”

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