While Oak Park resident John Winn has Down syndrome, his mother Sophie and sister Maria have always believed he can live a happy life, fully integrated into the community. Along with his loving family, United Cerebral Palsy Seguin of Greater Chicago has played a significant role in bringing “life without limits” to John.

Since 1997, UCP Seguin has served John, starting with day services focused on community activities and volunteer opportunities.  For the past 11 years, John has lived in an Oak Park group home with Adult Foster Parent Silvia Iusan, housemate Peter Caden, Silvia’s son Julian, and the family dog.   

Maria says, “Since coming to UCP Seguin I’ve seen noticeable improvements in John’s personal growth.  He’s more independent, sure of himself and proud of himself. He does not hesitate to jump into activities when he decides he wants to participate…that is a welcome improvement! ” 

You too can make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. Please give online at www.ucpseguin.org or send gifts to UCP Seguin, 332 Harrison Street, Oak Park IL 60304.

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