Thanks to a capital campaign and extremely generous parishioners, St. Luke Church in River Forest has completed an internal makeover. 

According to Daniel Szymanski, director of operations at the church, it was two big projects plus a series of smaller projects that were involved. The most noticeable improvements were painting the walls and refinishing the wood along the ceiling, and new lighting, which showcases the beauty of the church in ways unseen for decades.

Other improvements include removal of a step leading to the altar – instead of the previous three, there are now only two. The pews were taken out and refinished. The flooring was redone, with the grout painted and sealed. All kneelers were replaced. Speakers in the balcony were cleaned and outfitted with new fabric.

Sheila Price, director of development, said, “We are so grateful for the generosity of so many who made this a reality. This ensures the longevity of our church for many years to come.”

Price added that it wasn’t just about money; the parishioners were passionate and generous.

“They were here,” she said. “Nobody asked them to come and help. They just did it.”

The church managed to stay open during the construction, working around scaffolding. Szymanski and Price said the contractors who did the work made sure everything was cleaned up so mass could be held.

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