It didn’t take long for incoming Oak Park Trustee Susan Buchanan to get to work on behalf of residents.

The trustee-elect, who was the biggest vote-getter in the April 2 municipal election, capturing 15.45 percent of the ballots cast, has put a call out to all other candidates in the area to bring her their campaign signs.

Buchanan posted on social media the day after the election, telling candidates they can drop off their corrugated plastic signs with her to take to the recycling center.

“My husband built a corral in the front yard [to hold the signs],” she said.

Buchanan collected nearly half a ton of the signs — 800 pounds total, she said — and her husband drove them to the recycling center this week, she explained in an email.

As she began investigating what to do with her own signs — she purchased 400 for the election — Buchanan learned that a company in Chicago called Lakeshore Recycling will recycle them.

But recycling comes at a cost.

She said it costs $70 per ton to recycle the election signs.

She was told by Lakeshore Recycling that the signs will be turned into “plastic pellets” and put back into circulation.

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