Growing up and surviving Maywood was similar to going to war and returning home unharmed. I didn’t have many friends and the ones I did have were killed or sent to prison. It wasn’t until recently that I made the connection of how the sport of wrestling saved my life. When I was a kid, Maywood did not have a youth wrestling program so my father took me to Oak Park to wrestle for the Huskies. 

This is where I met Fred Arkin. Mr. Arkin had already been involved in growing the sport of wrestling throughout the state of Illinois. He has been engaged in this type of work for 40 years. Equity cannot be just some Oak Park buzzword politicians use to hoodwink voters to vote for them during an election cycle. Fred has my vote because he has spent a lifetime with his boots on the ground side by side with black and brown families as we strive for equality.

Reggie Wright

Oak Park

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