Chicago Tribune reporter, Nick Kindelsperger, tried more than 70 burgers in Chicago in search of the very best the city has to offer. 

The list, publish February 26th, features 25 noteworthy burgers; the coveted top slot went to the raclette smothered burger at Table, Donkey and Stick and the much-lauded single cheeseburger from Au Cheval showed up at number 15, but Oak Park’s very own Carnivore, 1042 Pleasant St., managed to snag a spot on the city dominated list. 

Carnivore’s bacon burger came in at number 20 on Kindlesperger’s list. 

Carnivore, an artisan butcher shop, offers local, responsibly sourced, organic meats and fish as well as ready-to-eat items like house-smoked salmon, fishcakes, duck confit and scratch made terrines. 

They also offer a small and thoughtful lunch menu where folks in the know can get their hands on their top notch bacon burger.

Carnivore butchers serve up a half-pound beef and bacon patty (yep, the bacon is in the burger) on a golden challah bun topped off with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, and mustard sauce for $13. Patrons can cheese it up for an additional $0.75.

In addition to earning burger accolades this week, Carnivore was named among the 30 best suburban restaurants in the March issue of Chicago Magazine.

Melissa Elsmo

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