Illinois’ 2018 election cycle has been, for the most part, a battle of dueling rich guys. The race for attorney general is no different. But not all contributions come from a handful of wealthy men.

In simplest terms, the AG office is supposed to be the citizens’ safeguard against dubious outside influences. It is in this light that one candidate’s contributions beyond one very wealthy man should give working families extreme pause. Over the past year, Kwame Raoul has received significant contributions from gambling and tobacco interests, including over $100,000 from both national and local gaming interests such as DraftKings and FanDuel and $100,000 from what the media has labeled as the “tobacco titan.” Are gambling and smoking the kind of activities the state’s chief legal officer should be associated with? How can the office that’s “advocating for women, safeguarding children, and keeping communities safe” reconcile this affiliation with gambling and smoking against the families that have been torn apart by these same vices?

Between the piles of gambling and smoking campaign cash, you’d think Raoul was running for mayor of Rosemont. Tack on a few other dubious connections such as the notorious red light camera operator SafeSpeed, and you have to wonder if these questionable relationships and poor judgment are appropriate for someone considering the highest legal office in the state. 

Considering the current office holder is a Madigan, maybe we set the legal bar too low. Or maybe it’s best to smoke ’em if you got ’em. Kwame Raoul surely will.

Nick Binotti

Oak Park

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