In the words of Dr. Seuss, “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” That’s the spirit guiding all of us who had the honor and pleasure of working at Magic Tree bookstore over the past four years under the tremendous leadership and dedication of its owner, Beth Albrecht.

Beth purchased the store with a fervent belief that she could steward it for the next generation. We witnessed firsthand the endless hours, hard work and creative events she planned to make Magic Tree grow. She breathed new life into the store, fostering a vibrant community of readers and book lovers of all ages.

But running a bookstore in 2018 is not the same as running a bookstore in 1984 or even 2004. Growing competition, rising rents, and changing consumer habits have made survival increasingly difficult for booksellers everywhere. When Beth made the difficult decision to put the store up for sale, as bittersweet as it was, we understood why. We just didn’t have enough business to keep the doors open.

We are grateful for the thousands of customers, including many librarians and teachers, who have supported Magic Tree over its long history. Our loyal customers understand the fate of independent bookstores doesn’t rest entirely with their owners. It also rests in the hands of a community that believes in the power of books — and the power of purchasing them from local booksellers in their own village. 

Andrea Edwards, Priscilla Williams, Lynda Fitzgerald, Karen Kitto, Ellen Cutter, Kjersti Anderson, Grace Brandt

Magic Tree Bookstore staff

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