Hats off to John Stanger. A longtime DOOPer myself, I read John’s columns [DOOPer’s Memories, Viewpoints] with great shared interest.

At OPRF High School, there was my homeroom teacher, Ms. Babcock, John Noth at physical education, and, of course, Ms. Muir. What memories. One of his columns brought back memories of a remarkable English or History teacher, Mr. Colletti — a legend of perceived eccentricity — and the pioneer of OPRF soccer, John Wood, who, while principally, I believe, an English teacher, brought remarkable skill to his coaching. 

Unknown to us players until an end-of-season reception at his home, he revealed that, while a youth in his native England, he was a national hero as captain of England’s World Cup Soccer Champions!

John, thanks for the memories. Horse-drawn garbage collection and plowing of the sidewalks, milk and ice delivery, and, of course, the brick-paved streets of our village.

OPRF Class of ’53 just celebrated its 65th reunion.

Bob Downs

OPRF class of ’53

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