Oak Park residents are getting their first taste of sushi burritos, poke bowls and Thai shaved ice cream at Poke Burrito, 1025 Lake St.

The new restaurant (the name rhymes with “OK”) is the work of sushi chef Jimmy Chen, who also owns 153 Akira in Wilmette, and launched two other Poke Burrito restaurants in the Chicago neighborhoods of Lincoln Square and downtown.

He said in a recent interview that Poke Burrito’s most popular dish, so far, is his namesake poke bowl Jimmy’s Creation, which includes salmon, tuna, avocado, cucumber, edamame, seaweed salad, three kinds of onion, tobiko, pineapple, sesame seed, mandarin orange and Jimmy’s special house sauce.

“Jimmy’s Creation has everything in it,” he said, describing the dish that is a mix of Japanese fusion and Hawaiian delicacies.

Poke Burrito is the only place in town where patrons can try out Thai rolled ice cream, Chen said.

The ice cream is made to order at the restaurant minutes before it’s consumed. They offer a variety of flavors, but those can be modified and customized, just like everything else on the menu, Chen said.

“Everything’s handcrafted, compared to traditional ice cream,” Chen said. “The flavor, it’s already mixed, it’s already pre-made, and it tastes really different. Our ice cream is really fresh. You can taste the original flavor.”

Bowls run between $6.95 and $12.95, and the poke burritos are between $12.95 and $13.95.

Chen said he’s holding a grand opening for the restaurant on June 29, where customers will be able to get buy-one-get-one-free deals on everything.


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