You got a better idea for Roosevelt Road? An actual better offer than the one currently on the table from Turano Bakery to acquire more land on the Oak Park side of the street and to build a new corporate headquarters for the family-owned baking company?

Didn’t think so.  

We’ve never been excited about the rows of Turano delivery trucks lining a block-long parking lot on Roosevelt Road. But our bar lowers some when we look at a couple of the desolate stretches of that street as you move toward Austin Boulevard. And heading west of Oak Park Avenue is not entirely a happy trip either which is why we’re delighted by plans from Alcuin Montessori to build there.

Sure, there are details the Oak Park Plan Commission will need to push back on with Turano. The height of a security fence. The landscaping and plans for a cul-de-sac at Scoville Avenue. Overall for Oak Park, this is a good, albeit not great, deal. 

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