Melissa Elsmo

Yesterday afternoon, I was running a bazillion errands as usual and popped into Surf’s Up for a little seafood pick me up. The Oak Park restaurant newcomer, located at 6427 W North Ave, offers a vast array of seafood options and wings for those seeking a more land-inspired lunch.

Folks have the option to buy fried seafood by the pound, steamed or grilled seafood options, or value focused combos at Surf’s Up, but my eye was instantly drawn to the sandwiches on Surf’s Up hyper-focused menu. Their novel Surfboard Sandwich ($5.99) features two whiting fillets dressed with a “special sauce,” while the remaining sandwich options are all variations on the classic po’ boy. 

Surf’s Up highlights a choice lobster, shrimp, catfish, or tilapia on their po’ boy sandwiches. I am a huge fan of a fried shrimp po’ boy and even traveled all the way to New Orleans to sample the best-of the-best at Parkway; believe me that sandwich lived up to the hype.

Seeing a the friendly faces behind the counter at Surf’s Up, I suddenly felt inclined to order up a sandwich worthy of a Big Easy inspired binge. And believe me, despite my very high standards, Surf’s Up version of the fried shrimp po’ boy ($9.99) did not disappoint. The bread was lovingly toasted, the piping hot cornmeal crusted shrimp was perfectly cooked, and the homemade remoulade sauce complemented the traditional tomato, lettuce, and pickle garnishes perfectly. The sandwich was so generous that I had to take half home to enjoy later!

Head on over to Surf’s Up for a po’ boy sandwich or whatever else suits your seafood fancy. These folks know what they are doing!

Surf’s Up

6427 W North Ave

Oak Park, IL


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