I have known Judge Rosado for 14 years when we were both young attorneys in the Cook County Public Defender’s Office. Since that time we also worked together at 26th and California in the Felony Trial Division.

In addition to teaching me how to text, she also did one of my first felony juries with me, and that was an experience I learned a great deal from. One of the reasons I learned so much is Joanne is dedicated to having everyone she works with accomplish as much as they can professionally. She was eager to share her expertise with me, as she was with other new attorneys at 26th Street.

Joanne also has a love for the law, and the reasoning superior courts used to reach their decisions. If I ever had a question about an issue, Joanne could answer it.

She had a comfort and ease with the roles of all the players in the courtroom, and an understanding of the strengths and limitations of everyone’s role. This included understanding her own strengths and limitations as a public defender.

These qualities alone will make her an excellent judge. Add to those qualities her ability to put her own point of view aside to examine the law as it applies to the case before her, as well as her common sense, ensures that she will do a great job on the bench.

Joanne is incredibly bright, compassionate, thorough and dedicated. Whatever she applies herself to, she does with 100 percent attention to detail to ensure the best, and fairest, outcome.

I am convinced that Joanne Rosado will be an outstanding judge for the people of Cook County, and encourage voters of the 11th Subcircuit to vote for her.

Mark Teague

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