Oak Park police have not yet charged the family member of a man who was killed inside his apartment on Jan. 6.

A police press release on Jan. 11 stated the Chicago man suspected of killing 81-year-old Oak Park resident Patrick Dooley is being held in a secure mental health treatment facility and is undergoing a mental health assessment.

Dooley’s body was discovered by police inside his apartment in the 100 block of North Austin Boulevard during a well-being check. The Cook County Medical Examiner reported that Dooley had died of multiple injuries resulting from the assault.

Though the Chicago man has not been charged with the crime, he is the sole suspect in the case, according to an OPPD press release.

Police originally reported that they planned to file charges against the man whose name has not been released, but further investigation into the crime prompted police to launch the mental health assessment.

“This is a very sad domestic situation that came to the most unfortunate end imaginable,” Oak Park Police Chief Anthony Ambrose said in the press release. “While there is no doubt a brutal crime occurred, questions about why remain that need to be answered and understood before any steps toward prosecution are taken.”

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