Jonathan Banks II

Jonathan Banks II, an Oak Park and River Forest High School senior, notched a perfect score of 36 on his ACT test, and now he’s recommending a new book by his dad, Jonathan Banks, for any new students who may want to duplicate his success. 

“From day one, my parents have guided me along a path of success, while giving me pointers and nudges to keep me going,” Jonathan said in a press release that his mom, Jacinta Banks, issued last week.

 “My dad wrote a book called Raise Your GPA that includes his teachings and strategies that helped me perform at the level I have been able to perform. That book can and will change your life.”

The Advanced Placement (AP) Scholar Award winner and Cum Laude Society inductee said that the “growth mindset” his family planted in him is also part of what drives him. 

“If it weren’t for the growth-mindset planted within me when I was young, and the belief my teachers and family had in me, I may not have ever believed in myself,” Jonathan said. “They convinced me that a 36 [on the ACT] was in reach, like it can be for everyone who works hard and doesn’t give up.”

Banks also has a blog,, where you can read more about his parents and his “squad” — Chris, Josh and his brother, Justin. 

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