The River Forest Park District recognizes the health concerns and impact on our environment caused from the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers and that there are effective alternatives that do not involve chemicals. At their April, 2016 Board Meeting, the River Forest Park District Board of Commissioners approved an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Policy that controls and limits chemical applications in the parks. A policy developed in cooperation with the Village Sustainability Committee, it prohibits the Park District from using certain hazardous and toxic classes of pesticides, while promoting effective alternatives that do not involve chemicals. This Policy mirrors the Village Sustainability Committee’s Healthy Lawn, Healthy Family Program which follows best practices to present healthy and resilient plants, soil, and environment; avoids a spiral of chemical dependency; conserves water and energy; and does not risk the health of children, pets, pollinators, wildlife and our water systems. A committee will be established to draft a plan of best practices to use in the parks and monitor the results of these practices. A final plan is expected after the review of the next two growing seasons.

For the 2016 growing season, the Park District will be applying three (3) 100% organic fertilizer applications and eliminate any broadleaf herbicide and grub control applications. Residents should expect dandelions or other weed growth in the parks. The IPM Committee will monitor and review the parks and make adjustments to the plan to ensure a healthy lawn is maintained.

Please contact Michael Sletten at or at 708-366-6660×101 with any questions regarding the River Forest Park District Integrated Pest Management Policy or Plan.

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