I’m introducing a charitable organization called the Kids’ Kloset right here in Oak Park. A friend and I, who have both worked with the Food Pantry and Prevail (formerly the Walk-In Ministry), realized that we could improve service to the clients of these organizations by making warm clothing available for their children.

We sell second-hand warm, winter-weight clothing for children from infancy through teens at a very low cost, October through May. We are open co-incidentally with the Food Pantry — first and third Saturdays, 9-11:30, and second and fourth Wednesdays, 3:30-5. The Kids’ Kloset is housed at First United Church, 848 Lake St.

If there is an emergency need or a referral from another agency, we will certainly make ourselves available to meet those requests.

We would be happy to show you our little facility and provide you with more information in the hopes that we could gain more donations and volunteers, as well as raising awareness in the community. We need volunteers to sort, mark, and distribute the clothes.

Reach us through First United at 386-5215 and leave a message in our voice-mail, or contact Susan Zaruba, susanzaruba@gmail.com. 

We heartily welcome inquiries and new volunteers!

Karin Pietrini


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