So here is my review of my small portion of the $17 million redo at Ridgeland Commons. In a word, the water in the swimming pool is still cold (in a good way). The stripes on the bottom have been repainted, and that’s about it for noticeable changes to my Ridgeland early morning swim routine.
Not that I’m complaining. I thought the old pool was adequate and I am glad they did not spend another five million to make it a state of the art natatorium.
There are a few other changes, but they are pretty modest. There is a new dedicated pool entrance, new fencing, a new kiddie pool, a sun bathing platform, some lockers and a new shower room which I predict will be as unused as the old shower room.
To squeeze in the new children’s pool, they narrowed the deck where swimmers jump in which causes some congestion. The whole project has the feel of trying the cram too much into too small a space.
The high dive is gone replaced by a low diving board. Nixed by the lawyers?
That said, I was happy to be back in my 50 meter outdoor pool after a year or two hiatus while work was being done. Like Goldilocks looking for porridge, I found my “intermediate” swim lanes. Fast lanes are too fast for me. I’d be run down by speedy swimmers. The slow lanes have too many meanderers. But the middle lanes are just right.
My nephew tries to swim in a pool in Hong Kong where he lives. He says the pool is a metaphor for Chinese culture. Swimmers go in all directions. People stand in the middle of the pool. Impossible to swim laps.
We are more orderly in Oak Park. A stronger swimmer passed me (and breathed out “thanks” on the turn as I let him pass). I passed a slower woman just ahead. All smooth going.
The sun rising in the east still catches the swimmer’s eye, like driving on the Eisenhower in the morning without a visor. Must remember to bring my shaded goggles next time.
And the swimmers go about their business. Quietly. Before the summer camp swimmers arrive at 7:00 a.m.
And all is well again (except for the $17 million price tag).

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