We are recent transplants from the city to the community of River Forest. Deciding on where to live was not an easy decision; we did quite a bit of research and eventually decided the best place to purchase our first home together would be River Forest. 

We both marveled at the lovely tree-lined streets, the beautifully kept homes, and the knowledge that we chose a community that believed in its civic responsibility: to ensure its residents could be confident that the village leaders had residents and their quality of life as a top priority, and to respectfully acknowledge and consider its residents’ concerns and address them as a top priority.

The knowledge that a potentially dangerous testing facility is setting up shop within 500 feet of my newly purchased home has sent up a huge red flag for both myself and my partner. The fact that the village is even entertaining the idea of allowing it in the community is shocking. EMSL is a lab that will be testing a number of dangerous environmental contaminants. No matter what the risk for exposure, it is too high. A facility like this does not belong in River Forest; it belongs in an industrial area far away from homes and businesses. 

River Forest is a fabulous community, filled with a mix of people from varied backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures. It is that rare community which has maintained its beauty, its economic value, its social consciousness and its obligation to the wellbeing of its residents. Allowing EMSL to set up shop is not only an economically poor decision, it is a slap in the face to the River Forest residents who have made the community what it is.  

I urge the village to listen to its residents. Do not allow EMSL to bring with it the very real potential of harmful contaminants being airborne, endangering not only its residents but its positive economic base by bringing down property value for both retail and residential.

Sallie Castillo

River Forest

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