1. Third Yiddish Peysakh Seder on Thursday, April 17th 7:30- 9:30 at Oak Park Temple is a rememberance of the 1950s to 60s event at the Morrison Hotel. Mameloshn has adapted and will provide the Yiddish Naye Hagode Shel Peysakhh (New Haggadah of Passover) originally published by the Workmen’s Circle to bring you a joyous evening. Please join us for a musical evening, a glezel vayn (a glass of wine) and Peysakh pastries. RSVP to
  2. Mir Zaynen do! We are Here! Words of the Partisan Song by Hirsch Glick a famous poet from the Vilna Ghetto- These words serve as a theme of the commemoration presented by Mameloshn Yiddish Song Group on Monday, April 28th at 7:30 p.m on YomHaShoah – Holocaust Memorial Day at Open Door Theater, 902 S. Ridgeland Ave., Oak Park, IL. Admission is free. The Yiddish songs and readings provide a glimpse of the life of those who perished and those who survived. Tapestries by Berit Engen related to many of the songs will be included.

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