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No parent wants to deal with lice. But those pests have a way of showing up in classrooms, which can be a nightmare when the kid comes home.

But a new Oak Park salon, Shiny Strands, hopes to clean up that problem in no time. This new head lice treatment salon, located at 262 Chicago Ave., is designed to help families return to school nit-free. The business opened Sept. 9.

The local, suburban chain was started and run by moms who experienced the frustration of infestation themselves, according to a news release from the business.

“This is not your mother’s head lice,” Salon owner Suzanne Lavin wrote in the release.

According to Lavin, “super lice” have developed resistance to over the counter pesticides such as Rid and Nix. Head lice infestation follows a close second to the common cold as a communicable health issue among children. An infestation can cause stress in families and missing school days.

Shiny Strands salon has trained technicians provide a safe, non-toxic and effective treatment in a clean environment. The salon advertises a meticulous combing process that not only removes or kills bugs, but also tackles the eggs or nits that firmly adhere to hair strands. All technicians are trained in a strand-by-strand head lice nit-picking removal technique used around the world. Salon staff can also recommends appropriate services and products and educates families about treatment and prevention. To learn more, call (708) 613-5025 or visit

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