The Kittens are coming! The Puppies are coming!

That can only mean that Animal Care League’s Annual Baby Shower is right around the corner.  On Sunday, February 24th from 12noon – 3pm, ACL is inviting the public to join in this “blessed event.”

Now in it’s 8th year, the baby shower is part open house, part supply-driven fundraiser (though cash donations are accepted and appreciated, too).  The event attracts more than 100 people a year and helps ACL prepare for spring and what the animal sheltering community calls “puppy and kitten season.”  It’s during this time when shelters begin to experience a “population explosion” in the number of lost, stray, or abandoned puppies and kittens, along with pregnant adult dogs and cats.  The season often lasts as late as November.

The supplies generously donated during the “baby shower” go a long way in taking care of the additional animals the shelter has room for, while also providing the necessities for those litters placed in foster care.  Supplies range from peanut butter and dog treats to cat and dog toys to bleach and dish washing liguid.  And while most items requested fall short of the typical charming baby gifts, the more practical and alas, less glamorous items are what really keep the shelter moving in full swing.

Each day, from 8am to 7pm ACL staff and volunteers keep in constant motion with the maintenance demands of the shelter, and the sheer numbers add up: A minimum of 14 loads of laundry is done, more than 200 pet food bowls are washed.  The weekly total adds up to 98 loads of laundry – add to that one cup of bleach per load and that’s 300 gallons of bleach per year.  As for cat litter, last year’s total came to 20,000 pounds.

However, next Sunday is not only about practicallity, ACL wants its generous supporters to have fun too.  Guests are treated to refreshments, a tour of our clinic, and the opportunity to meet staff, volunteers, and board members.  We’ll also have rabbits, puppies, and kittens on hand, and our friends from 4 Your K9 will perform dog training demonstrations.

For more information on ACL’s Annual Baby Shower and to view our “Wish List,” visit

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