Courtesy Lauren Reiniger, Trinity High School

Trinity High School’s Peace and Justice Week will be taking place this week, starting Friday, January 25. Peace and Justice Week takes place during Catholic School’s Week, promoting the mission of upholding peace and justice in the school and surrounding communities.

Friday’s event, Share the Hair, will be the kickoff for Peace and Justice Week. Twenty-five students are participating in this event, cutting off inches of their hair to give to Locks of Love. Freshmen through seniors are participating, and hair stylists from around the area will be cutting their hair. Share the Hair will start about 2:15 P.M. and end about 3 P.M.

The rest of Peace and Justice Week will be filled with activities. Trinity’s homerooms will compete in a Mac and Cheese Drive. Whichever homeroom collects the most mac and cheese will receive a lunch off campus. The mac and cheese goes to Catholic Charities, who called Trinity in January to ensure that Trinity would be collecting again. Last year, Trinity filled two trucks with mac and cheese for Catholic Charities.

Also, a silent auction will take place each day during lunch for the students to raise money for the Sister Michelle’s Scholarship, in honor of her being Trinity’s president for 20 years. Students bid on anything from cookies to a personal birthday serenading from Sister Michelle herself.

MICAH, Trinity’s justice club, is showing movies this week that promotes women’s rights. Also, MICAH will hold a bake sale to raise money for women’s rights and issues.

A group of girls from Trinity will take part in a “sleepout,” in which they will spend an afternoon sleeping outside to raise awareness for the homeless. A reflection on this will also be read this week.

Each day this week, someone in the Trinity community will be commemorated for promoting the values and mission that Peace and Justice Week stands for. A mass with a student reflection will be held Monday.

Trinity High School is an all-girls high school located at 7574 W. Division St. in River Forest, IL, 60305. For more information contact Patti Williams at 708-453-8342 or

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