While watching the Grammy’s, keep your eyes peeled for arm bands.

Local artist, Sandra Wilcoxon’s beaded armband will be walking down the red carpet at the Grammy’s next week. Lisa Caplan, a pianist with the group Eighth Blackbird had Wilcoxon make the armband as a special request to go with her high collared dress. Caplan’s group has been nominated for three Grammy awards in the Classical Division including Best Small Ensemble Performance for their work on a new CD Lonely Motel – Music From Slide. The arm band she will feature in her red carpet debut is made with a beaded bird skull, cultured fresh water pearls, egg shape pearls, and black seed beads.

Many of us remember Oak Parker Sandra Wilcoxon from her days as Director of the Frank Loyd Wright Home and Studio. During the past six years, while Sandra has continued to consult for non-profits, she has worked steadily on developing her beaded artwork. Her bead work art skulls are currently on display at the Marion Street Gallery in Downtown Oak Park and have been featured in many local museums due in part to her relationship with the Illinois Artisan Program.

The armband is a new application for Wilcoxon. While having worked with skulls and completing many necklaces, the armband is a first. “With the high collar of Lisa’s dress, she thought the best type of jewelry would be an armband. It was fun to figure out how to manipulate the piece so that it will be comfortable and beautiful.”

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