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In honor of this fabulous day, I am writing about the color orange. Orange is a great color to bring into your home. It can either serve as a bold accent or a muted background color, depending on the value and intensity and hue that you choose. Here are some examples of where to use orange in your home:

In the living room:

A warm orange like tangerine is a great color for a living room that gets a lot of morning light.  To balance the color, use a bright white for trim and keep your floors a honey wood tone. Peacock blue is a great accent color for this orange.

In the entryway:

Entryways tend to be smaller, isolated spaces with limited wall space, so you can go bold here with bursts of bright orange. You don’t spend too much time in an entryway, so make it lively and interesting.  A hue high in intensity like a starburst orange would work well on the walls. Or keep the walls a neutral color like a butter yellow and then bring in a fiery orange in the form of a mirror or console table or pendant fixture. 

In the dining room:

A pumpkin orange would do well in a dining room because it’s not too intense but still gives off a rich color. You can pair it with chocolate brown or go monochromatic by adding a pale pink orange hue like grapefruit in the form of dining room chair fabrics, a rug, or dinnerware.

In a bedroom:

Pink and orange are a classic combination for a girl’s room. Here you could go bold with a fiery orange, a hot pink, and then introduce a third color like moss green, icy blue, or lemon yellow. If you have pitched walls, even better: paint the bottom half orange, the eaves pink and the ceiling yellow! 

Happy Halloween! 

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