Poultry does not make welcome pets in River Forest, as one family quickly found out earlier this summer. Two chickens living in the backyard of a residence on the 1500 block of Franklin were exiled in late June, after village officials found that they violated the village code.

River Forest Police Sgt. Michael Thornley said they were contacted on June 26 by a neighbor complaining about the chickens. He said the issue was referred to the Department of Public Works.

“There was a complaint received that a resident was housing chickens in their backyard,” said Michael Braiman, assistant village administrator, who is responsible for zoning issues in the village.

“Per our village code, the keeping of certain animals is prohibited,” Braiman said.

According to the code, written in 1981, River Forest residents are prohibited from owning traditional farm animals, including cattle, pigs, goats, and, of course, chickens.

Thornley said some municipalities allow it. “It varies from city to city,” he said.

Braiman said the owner of the chickens asked for three weeks to complete the removal, and the village agreed to allow it. The chickens have since been removed.

Calls to the owner of the chickens were not returned.

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