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This summer is shaping up to be (in the words of my daughter) “an epic one;” I’m blogging as well as taking an online course and so is my daughter. What does this look like in our home? We spend an enormous amount of time together, zoned in on our laptops, laughing, editing and proffering new ideas to each other. I enjoy the banter, but I think my husband’s patience is wearing thin. 

We’ve clocked many hours huddled over our computers, around the dining room table, that he knows exactly where to find us when he comes home in the evenings. I really do try to understand how he must feel – always finding us writing, reading, or researching. It must be the equivalent of finding your spouse glued to the tube during football season, watching yet again – another NFL or collegiate game. 

Yet it can’t be the same; we’re having too much fun! Spurred on by our personal entertainment, we keep on googling, blogging, tweeting, facebooking, and creating (with the occasional walk as a brief respite). And, when my husband returns home, after a good day at work, and catches us once again congregating around the dining room table – he’ll join us in our fun, hollering his new battle cry: “BLOG IT!” 

Hope you summer is an EPIC one! 

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Melissa Ford

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