Some women do and some don’t. That is, regard shopping as therapeutic. Regardless of your stance, get ready for the most definitive retail therapy at Nora’s Shoe Shop in Oak Park (103 N. Oak Park Avenue). At this quaint and sophisticated boutique, the experience of finding perfect footwear and extraordinary accessories will be positively curative.

Shoe shopping doesn’t have to be stressful; as a matter of fact, it can be a downright uplifting experience, according to Gina at Nora’s Shoe Shop. If you haven’t been to Nora’s charming boutique, with its signature red chandeliers, handsome hardwood floors, and walls artfully decorated with shoes as the masterpieces, there’s a whole new world awaiting you.

The staff are ready to ferry you over to an experience that they liken to an adventure, “a purposeful journey,” if you will. A shoe adventure? If a shoe adventure means not having to stand amidst a sea of people with one lone shoe in my hand, waiting for a free sales clerk to bring me a pair to try on, then I’m feeling more serene already.

Nora has developed a faithful following of dedicated and loyal customers who have come to expect an explosion of variety for you to get excited about, competitive price points, and clever tips for maximizing the potential of every shoe. You needn’t worry about swatting away generic compliments of the that-looks-good fare. Instead, the staff will supply useful ideas to connect you to the right shoe: you might meet a sensual suede heel – a madcap match for an evening romp, or a multitasking sandal – a polite partner for a summer wedding.

The young ladies that comprise the team of workers at Nora’s seem to genuinely enjoy helping customers look and feel their best: “We pay close attention, and customers trust us. We want to exceed people’s expectations.” They’ll help you tie a look together, pick out the perfect gift, or just be your playmate if you’re in the mood to play dress-up.

Nora’s Shoe Shop boasts the largest collection of styles and lines in the area. “It’s like walking into a closet of thoughtful concepts: you will find something that speaks to you.” But if you’re feeling a bit lost and find you’re in need of guidance, know that the staff possess vast knowledge of the product at hand and are ready and waiting with direction and thoughtful observations.

Love the new strappy platforms that are out this season, but not sure how to style them? The gals at Nora’s will offer six different suggestions on how to wear them. Is your shoe wardrobe relegated to muted tones of black and brown? Think outside the neutral box with fun, bright colors and tantalizing textiles. At Nora’s Shoe Shop you have professionals waiting to assist; if need be, they’re happy to aid you in carefully exiting your comfort zone.

After all, who doesn’t appreciate an element of surprise in their wardrobe and in their shopping experience? The lines here ignite your curiosity and broaden your horizons. What a delight to find a shoe that reaches nirvana: the perfect balance of comfort and fashion, chic enough for work, but cool enough to go out in afterwards.

Taking a stroll through this shoe shop is like sifting through the consummate traveller’s effects. Instead of picture postcards, however, you can chart Nora’s journey to find the most stylish and highest quality merchandise by the winsome array of shoes, boots, belts, handbags, and jewelry that grace her unique boutique.

The lines she carries speak of far-away places and adventure, taking us from Italy to Spain and back to New York for amazing handmade designs by hot and upcoming designers. Pikolinos, Alla, Ada, and Helena de Natalio are just a few of the lines that Nora is bringing to us lucky ladies from her overseas buying.

And this Spring of 2011, Nora will be opening her second shop in Geneva, Illinois. The same amazing selection and therapeutic shopping experience can be expected: “You will be taken care of. We believe in making people feel good. “

For a peek at Nora’s lovely lines, visit or visit 103 N. Oak Park Avenue.

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