Susan Lucci

If there was a political or social cause being pursued in River Forest last year, chances are Susan Lucci had something to do with it.

The energetic 45-year-old mother of three had her hands in pretty much everything. Lucci founded a service-learning group for kids at Willard Elementary School called the Kindly Wizards, which has 70 members and celebrated its sixth year in 2010. She helped arrange to have the documentary, Race to Nowhere, screened in River Forest, and promoted it, too, and wants to have it shown at the high school next. Lucci started a program called “All Heads in Helmets” in 2009 to encourage kids to protect their noggins while biking, and she held coffees earlier in 2010 to discuss a River Forest Park District referendum.

She has three children, 10, 12 and 14, so where does she get all the vigor?

“I don’t know about the energy; it’s just heredity or something,” Lucci said. “I really care about the world, and I think we can make it a better place. I’m fortunate that I have time that I can give to this, and that I really do care about it.”

Lucci, a five-year resident of River Forest, left her job as a real estate lawyer to devote her time to parenting her three kids. Her other involvements are too numerous to list, but she also serves the “Friends of PADS” board at the local homeless shelter, helped arrange a hunger banquet at Dominican in November, and started a business this year called 2 Big 4 Words, which holds dialogues for middle school-age girls.

“I’m really community minded and always talking to whoever I bump into about the million things I’m working on,” Lucci said. “I think my passion is contagious and people can’t help but at least try it.”

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