This week’s Style Inspiration is Kristine Murphy. Kristine is an Oak Park resident and loyal local shopper. She is also a mother and mother-to-be; she manages to look great while balancing myriad tasks of motherhood.

Kristine’s mix of natural colors yields stylish and sensible results: oatmeal hued leggings worn with sand colored suede booties and a classic black wool pea-coat. She accessorizes with a cozy cabbie cap from Camille et Famille and a fun, fashion-forward (yet functional!) Ellu messenger bag. I love a woman who’s not afraid to dish, so let’s find out how she does it! I hope you’re inspired!

Where do you currently live? Oak Park, Illinois

Your fashion style: Classic, fresh and understated 

Favorite Fashion Era: It would have to be the eighties with a stipulation. I am obviously not talking about parachute pants and oversized shoulder pads, but I liked the comfy knits and pairing leggings with longer tunics. I also liked some of the layering. Being six feet tall, any style era that allows for long waists and accentuates legs is for me. 

Fashion Inspiration: I draw a lot of fashion inspiration from the women in my family. I grew up with brothers and wore a uniform to school most of my life so I feel a little behind on fashion. However, my sister-in-law, and oddly enough being the mom to a two-year-old little girl has recently reinvented and reinvigorated my style. They both push me in a very gentle way to be a little bolder but still comfortable and to try out new fashions. 

Favorite Local Boutiques: I love Nora’s shoes, Camille’s for scarves and accessories, Two Fish Art Glass for jewelry, Majamas for maternity and post maternity wear. I really love trolling the boutiques on Oak Park Avenue for unique pieces.

Greatest Fashion Indulgence: I am pretty stingy with myself when it comes to clothes, but I think spending money on sunglasses, purses and boots is well worth it. A couple of years ago, I bought a lovely pair of sunglasses, and at the time I couldn’t believe I was spending so much on one pair of glasses. However, they fit beautifully and they have worn like iron. Well worth the money. 

Fashion Advice: The little black dress is a must for every woman. I bought my first little black dress in 1998 (a lovely wrap dress) and I just replaced it with a nice cap sleeve wool dress last year. Outside of pregnancy they have brought me through weight shifts and style changes flawlessly, and both were great buys.

Visit the Fashion Blog next week for more fashion inspiration. I’ll see you around town and in the shops!

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