As reported last night by the Chicago Tribune, a Chicago man is filing suit against Wendy’s alleginging that on Jan. 1, 2009,  he was attacked and robbed by two Wendy’s employees. The suit asserts that the company had the responsibility to maintain a safe environment for customers and provide better training for its employees.

According to the suit filed in Circuit Court of Cook County, Larry Mitchell was counting $90 in bills when two Wendy’s employees jumped him and relieved him of his cash. The suit was accompanied by statements from Jacqueline Jones and Quentin Harris, two Wendy’s employees who pleaded guilty to battery and theft.  Each got six days in County Jail and one year of probation.

According to another employee who saw Jones and Harris approach Mitchell, the two employees attempted to conceal their identities: one changed out of the Wendy’s uniform and the other wore a coat over the uniform. According to this report, they pepper-sprayed Mitchell, took his money, and then went back to work.

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David Hammond

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