Anthony and Nick Gambino, owners of Cucina Paradiso, 814 North Blvd., were so moved by the theft of bronze letters from Unity Temple, recently, that they’re donating 25 percent of sales from dinner on Thursday, Oct. 21.

Apparently the thief or thieves misinterpreted Wright’s statement “For the service of man” as “Help yourself.” The letters had called congregants to “the worship of God and the service of man” for 100 years.

Undaunted, Unity Temple Restoration Foundation, along with the Unity Temple Unitarian-Universalist congregation, say they are “determined that it will not distract us from our focus on stabilizing the structure of this incredible building. Having raised $530,000 last year to restore the sanctuary’s south concrete roof slab — work that was completed in May 2010 — our attention continues to be raising the funds to ensure the long-term stability of Unity Temple’s concrete structure.”

To make reservations for tomorrow night at Cucina, call 708-848-3434.

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